Jarl Jensen
3 min readDec 15, 2020


Write What You Understand

​Anyone confused about how to move forward in this economy?

​The old adage says, write what you know. My version would be, write what you understand. Describe concepts you’re passionate about illustrating and sharing, but that you can communicate clearly. When writing ‘faction’, a mix of fact and fiction, this is especially important. A good way to compose content that both entertains and educates is to consider the following points:

1) What ‘kernel’ do you hope others take from your narrative to utilize in their lives?

2) What qualities can readers connect to with your characters?

3) Which themes are most important?

4) Is your language articulate/lyrical yet clear?

We have a need now to connect with others: to relate, empathize, and understand our best course of action, our most capable allies, and how to navigate uncertain futures. We require those who understand their own backgrounds and experiences, and can best utilize that understanding to help others through difficulties. We need teachers and helpers to move us through this crazy economy and rampant disadvantages.

​In my business, my goal is to assist with idea development. ‘Next steps’ are my stock in trade — enriching the lives of others through ideas is why I joined the industry. The other way I help is through my books. The basis of my Wolfe series is the question of how to better our economic situation and change the very nature of how the world works…for the better. I raise one major question: is the world’s collective belief system actually bringing humanity to the brink of catastrophe?

​ My Part 1, Optimizing America, is followed by Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil, and continues with The Big Solution, to be released in 2021. The first installment focuses on protagonist Justin Wolfe touring to promote a simple economic platform intended on turning a corrupt system on its head. When his ideas catch fire, he becomes swept up in a presidential campaign that threatens reputations and lives. Its follow-up details the events that transpire when Wolfe establishes an autonomous economic experiment on a farm near Savannah, Georgia. Its theory: give people the means to advance in life through daily direct deposits and even the formerly homeless can become entrepreneurs who contribute meaningfully to society.

​My plot goal? To get readers excited and invested! It’s tailored for those who love espionage thrillers and underdog stories but its core message is that one voice, one idea, can make a huge difference. If we change our thinking, we can change the world’s way of doing things. But we need a voice to articulate that message. We need people who understand how, when, and why things could be different. And that’s where I come in as an inventor and author. That’s why I write these books. To share ideas and knowledge I understand firsthand, worded in ways my audience can learn from and understand as well. For an idea to work, it must be understood by those who can implement a strategy. Even fictional novels have a theme the author wants to impart and it’s often that theme that holds a concept we can each use or remember.

​Give them a read. Let me know if I can answer questions. And look for the teachers in your life, people able to explain and assist in a way you understand and from whose ideas you can build upon to create a stronger 2021 for yourself and your community.