Jarl Jensen
5 min readAug 24, 2020


We NEED Your Ideas

Writing isn’t easy: it’s time-consuming and puts yourself, your work, and your emotional energy out into the public.

. I’m an inventor and businessman. I value creativity and ideas from people of diverse demographics. My novels were born from a passion for a message I want to share with others. I’ve learned that people digest a message most effectively when presented within a story, either a personal anecdote, or a fictional narrative. Rather than delivering information, a fictional narrative encourages a ‘buy-in’ to your characters’ plot and. themes. The theme is always the thing: your message, the ideas you’re trying to impart and grow within public consciousness. Once wrapped within your exciting plot and relatable characters, they find themselves ruminating over its message. In my Wolfe trilogy, I’ve created a character in Justin Wolfe who is going up against established thought and ways of doing things that in this author’s opinion, no longer work for our country. My 1st installment, Optimizing America, and its follow up, Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil, presents Justin with dilemmas and adventures to navigate. Through his character’s plight and ingenuity, I was able to integrate my idea that outside the box thinking often unearths the best answer to humanity’s problems.

. It isn’t always simple to explain these concepts or secure a venue (especially during a pandemic) to discuss with an audience. My novels serve to entertain, educate, and illustrate real-world application of important concepts. By infusing them into an unfolding narrative, the reader can envision how the concept relates to his or her life, therefore, personalizing it. When passionate about a message, you want an audience to make it their own and therefore, able to practice and spread to further audiences. My third and final installment will soon be released and I’m excited to present the concepts full-circle, reminding audiences that while these stories are driven by my knowledge and experience, they’re cultivated for all. My hope is that readers find not only an exciting culmination of the story and characters but the message I was driven to impress onto the page. It will be fun for the readers — and for me — to observe how this message itself transforms the protagonist throughout three novels.

. If, like me, you’re passionate about a message you feel others may benefit from, there are different ways to ensure your unique perspective is heard. One or more can be right for you when considering your individual talents, comfort levels, and available options.

. Crafting a novel

. If you’re a creative writer and enjoy staging a plot and characters, consider writing a novel. This doesn’t need to be 300 pages- some readers enjoy shorter works like novellas or short stories. I can already guess that many of you feel intimidated to write a book. You shouldn’t.

Its plot need not be complicated or peppered with a large ensemble of characters. Consider the message you want to impart and let your mind brainstorm plots to help bring it to life. Ask a friend for ideas. Simplicity is the key, especially for your first novel or story. Once finished, share it with a free writer’s group, a friend with strong editing skills, and inquire if the message comes across in a clear manner. Is it too obvious? Does it ring true? Do they enjoy the manner in which the message is delivered? You can either use a self-publishing option or go the traditional route of sending queries and looking for agents. However you choose, focus on your message when determining the best way to get your book in front of audiences.

. Articles

. You can also bring your message to the masses through well-designed essays that provide something to the reader. People love free things! They enjoy discovering interesting advice. Let them know your ideas! Take a look at online or print articles you enjoyed reading — analyze the way they craft their bullet points, the length, and the overall presentation. Start small — contact a community or local magazine. Inquire with newspapers about a spotlight section. Think of larger publications that accept submissions and submit to all that are a good fit for your message. You understand your concept. How would you explain it to a friend? That’s the voice to use when writing an article. No one enjoys reading a white paper unless paid to do so. Keep examples relatable and crafted in such a way that your reader can apply them to his or her own life.

. Voice It

. Whether you can speak at this point in time or plan to wait until the pandemic has lessened, don’t forget the positive benefits that come from speaking to an audience. Whether to a Chamber of Commerce, a group of students, or a book club, offer yourself as a speaker! You’d be amazed at how eager a group can be for a new voice! Create an outline filled with bullet points and remember your most important thesis. Consider the audience — make the subject come alive so your concepts are simple to follow. Share a funny anecdote or connect through nostalgia and shared cultural memory. There’s no need to make your talk long or involved. A ten to fifteen minute overview captures attention spans and alleviates your concerns about ‘preaching’ to strangers. Think of it as delivering a fifteen-minute service, helping others see a point of view or helpful idea. By keeping things concise, you have time to answer questions and it’s through Q & A that your ideas have a better change to be digested, utilized, and passed forward. Remember too that if you’re an author or entrepreneur, a speaking engagement helps cultivate an audience for your business and social media engagement.

. The world needs your ideas. It needs fresh creativity and perspective. Don’t shy from sharing yours. Begin small — create a blog or reach out to local publications. Craft your message for engagement and precision. Have a yen for writing? Siphon your thesis and ideas into a fun, fictional novel for readers to enjoy. There’s an audience out there waiting for what you have to offer. All you need to do is put yourself out there to find them.