Jarl Jensen
2 min readDec 21, 2020


Paying It Forward

If you’re like me, you have a lot of questions….about the economy, pandemic, and the incredible divide seen among United States citizens.

Add to this a holiday month which includes buying, budgeting, uncertainty about the future, and credit card statements soon to rear their ugly heads in January. I’m ready for solutions that put the welfare of our country’s citizens as top priority. I’m ready to gather thoughts and ideas as a springboard to build upon. I’m ready to share decades of experience in the idea industry to think outside the box. I’m ready to listen to inequities and devise ways to correct them. I’m also ready to admit that sometimes, change comes from within an organization, community, and even a country. It isn’t always top-down, nor should it be. Ideas are born from necessity. Right now we have people in need of help — communities are struggling. The backbone of this country is in a tough spot. It’s time to do what we can. Here are a few ideas, pandemic-safe, for how we can each contribute.

1) Create a meeting of community minds on Zoom — decide where your time/energy/money would be best spent to help those struggling within your local area.

2) Meet virtually with co-workers to decide how to help a local charity/group that’s been hit hard by the pandemic, even furloughed co-workers or employees who’ve lost jobs due to COVID-19. Consider groups or businesses your company partners with. Reach out to see how your energies and resources can be of assistance to those who helped you in the past. Pay it forward.

3) Don’t forget local government. Have an idea that could benefit your county or community? Get involved. There may be like-minded people with the same idea just waiting to mobilize. There’s power in numbers. Perhaps you can meet in person (with masks) or else virtually, but regardless of how you do it, voice your concerns, gather, and organize. Discuss which tangible steps can be taken to present your ideas to those who may implement them.

If you feel one voice can’t make a difference, you may feel differently after reading my books, The Wolfe Series. Its latest installment, The Big Solution, will be released in 2021 so now is a great time to catch up with Parts 1 and 2! My protagonist is an example of one voice very much making a difference. I utilize the fictional plot and characters to illustrate methods that could help real life communities and the world. All are available on Amazon and might make worthwhile holiday presents for anyone who feels demoralized or confused at how to progress in today’s culture.